A School That Prepares Students for the Working World

The experiences of the Scuola Scienze Aziendali and the Scuola Superiore di Tecnologie Industriali, founded in 1985 and 1986, respectively, thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, Municipality, Province and Confindustria of Florence, have gone into creating a new high school geared toward high-quality professional training: the Scuola di Scienze Aziendali e Tecnologie Industriali Piero Baldesi (SSATI).

The new school has two principal aims: to quickly place young people into the working world by providing them with new professional skills for a managerial career, and to offer advanced training paths in the field of industrial technologies and in that of support services for the promotion of highly innovative entrepreneurial initiatives.

Areas of particular interest are: commerce, logistics, administration, marketing and production management. The core course is in Business Administration, an 18-month program, of which 12 months are spent in the classroom, with a full-time commitment and obligatory attendance, and six months in internships in companies chosen by the School.

In addition, SSATI plans and organizes modular professional training courses, which are based on the needs of local companies, responding to their requirements through a vast range of choices. These courses treat all subjects related to company management, from time management to web marketing, from public speaking to negotiation, as well as more in-depth studies of business administration (accounting and budgeting). This training is further supplemented by the decades-long experience of the Scuola Superiore di Tecnologie Industriali in training students in ICT, web multi-media, architecture and design; in addition courses on other aspects of information technology are offered, which are held in the evocative setting of Florence’s Murate Idea Park.

The Scuola di Scienze Aziendali e Tecnologie Industriali (SSATI):

  • teaches productivity criteria, managerial skills, organization, professionalism and efficiency, in accordance with the requirements of companies;
  • reduces adjustment times and costs for company positions requiring specific professional qualifications in regard to the changing needs of the working world;
  • trains specialized personnel who can be rapidly incorporated into a company’s staff.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide the highest quality training at the national level for high school graduates. We aim to achieve this goal by means of continuous research into quality training, student services and student placement.

The school represents a point of reference as an educational and training model in the area. We constantly pursue this objective by means of a continuous transfer of values and skills, interacting with entrepreneurs, experts, opinion leaders and institutions in a network structured to produce quality training for students, their families and companies. The focus of the courses are the lessons, which are led by teachers with academic and business experience who gear their instruction toward specific case studies so as to provide a practical edge to their classes.

We involve entrepreneurs, experts, opinion makers and institutions in a network structured to produce quality training for students, their families and companies.

SSATI holds the ISO 9001:2008 certification and is accredited for professional training by the Region of Tuscany.

Methodology and Educational Content

The SSATI experience is based on preparation for the working world. More than enrolling in an academic institution, students enter into a company. Lessons constitute the focus of the academic program, while instructors, all of whom have experience as either company employees, consultants or graduates of business studies, lead discussions based on specific case studies rather than on theoretical or abstract descriptions. The School provides textbooks and other literature that stimulate reflection and analysis. An equally essential component of the courses consists in the knowledge and wisdom of entrepreneurs and company managers.

Statistics of the School





Since 1986, the School has aimed to impart these values to its students:

  • motivation
  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • professionalism
  • work ethic and ethical conduct
  • independence
  • respect and solidarity

Supporting Members

Many companies have shown interest in the work of SSATI; these include:
Azimut, ALI spa, Banca CR Firenze, Baldi Home Jewels, Bassilichi, Brandini,, Consorzio Il Borro, CNA Firenze, FB Energia, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fondazione dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Firenze, Gilbarco, KME Italia, Next, O.C.E.M.,  La Palagina, Proaxxes, Promos, Ruffino, Var Group, Italian Atelier, Lady Radio, Gruppo Meta, emm&mme Informatica, Lito Terrazzi, RTV 38, Senza Filtro, Xenia, Thales, Omnia Service, Magis.
These companies have chosen to directly participate in defining the strategic approaches and management of SSATI by becoming Supporting Members.
In this capacity, companies participate in the School’s activities, playing an active role in assemblies and at times sitting on the School’s Management Board.