Union of Scuola di Scienze Aziendali e Tecnologie Industriali Graduates

The Union is composed of over 2700 members who have graduated from the School since 1986.

The aim of the Union is to form a network of the great patrimony of skills and experience that its members have accumulated over the years, with exchanges of information on employment and training opportunities, on contacts in the commercial world abroad, and on ideas and projects to bring to the attention of SSATI.

The network that has thus been created leads to events, conferences, exhibitions and debates, for which the School puts its facilities and services at the disposal of organizers, according to their specific needs. Another aspect of this initiative are refresher courses for former students at discounted prices.

The School is continually asking its graduates with different positions and skills to lead lessons in order to interact with their younger colleagues who are attending Business Management courses: the result is that students both meet people who can act as professional role models and hear advice on the best career paths and approaches.